The children didn’t know when the workshop began that we would soon become one of their fondest memories.  I can still see their wide eyes filled with curiosity as we began to unload the truck.  Questions like, “What are you building?” or “How can I help?” were starting to be asked.  Even after the activities ended and we wrapped up our final Mass Creativity workshop, I could still hear clearly in my head the sounds of running, hammering, printing, painting, chatter and laughter.


There are many aspects to love about being a part of the Mass Creativity experience.  Engaging with curious and wonder-filled children is a given.  Whether we were installing a door knob using a drill, printmaking a flag or using fabric as a cap, I saw moments of discovery and amazement happening at each workshop. Small moments in art making or playwork practiced every day at The New Children’s Museum now being introduced and share in these communities.  The time and creative effort our team put in was well worth it; seeing adults and children alike having fun while being creative was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences.

One of the aspects of Mass Creativity that I loved the most was being a part of the Creative team.  The creative process in developing ideas with a mixture of content and loose parts was exciting.  It was a unique year to be able to pair Mass Creativity with The Wonder Sound opening.  A creative uncertainty was set before the team, and with some inspiration we were able to manifest our ideas into a successful workshop that included flag making, door decorating and a wonder palace.  The creative process was fun and successful because of the members on the team, which is another aspect I loved the most.  Working with fun, creative, and supportive individuals made the experience that much richer.

Running the workshops was the easy part, but some challenges included were setting up and unloading all the materials and equipment.  Using elbow grease, we all were eventually physically exhausted by the end of the day.  This part was also a given, and a challenge that we all knew coming into this experience.  Small challenges like gathering enough materials from the first workshop were fine tuned to the last workshop.

When I think of things we could’ve done differently, I think of things that we could have improved on.  Perhaps making more flags, installing more hardware on the door, or engaging with more children in play.  On the basis of it all, our workshops provided successful creative interactions in play and art making.  I wouldn’t necessarily have done anything completely different, but with any project there can always be room for improvement.

I learned a lot about myself and my team during our workshops.  My ability to deal with pressure, compromise, and fatigue was tested.  Although I and the team were able to adapt to each community center, the dynamic and physical space were also taken into consideration I gravitated more towards the smaller venues, which put our stations physically closer together, that meant a more intimate experience.  Getting to know everyone’s personalities and work ethic also gave us a unique experience and brought us closer together as coworkers.  And those coworkers who were able to come to a few of the workshops to help out made it more special.  As we purveyed through the workshop weeks, I knew it would be worth it knowing that I am now a part of a child’s memory.


Join in the creative fun next Saturday, June 25, for Mass Creativity Day. You’ll have the chance to experience the workshop activities, dance on a painted dance floor, eat delicious food and explore the Museum for free! Mass Creativity Day also is the opening of our newest installation, The Wonder Sound.

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