do it yourself: cox high speed racer

Time to Race! For the month of April, we’re building mini race cars and racing them down our own version of Cox’s High-Speed Internet track at home. Cox Communication’s High Speed Racer depicts how packets of information blast through Cox’s Gigablast fiber optic network from one point to the other! This fun and interactive activity helps children learn about science and engineering concepts. Last week, we challenged you to design your own race car from household items in our Innovators LAB Design Challenge powered by Cox and this week, we’re providing step-by-step directions below.

Once you’ve created your High Speed Racer, find a ramp, or construct one, and then race your car! It can be as easy as laying a piece of cardboard at an angle or maybe you have a slide in your backyard! Get creative and share your Cox High Speed Racers with us on social by including #thinkplaycreatefromhome and tagging us in your posts. We can’t wait to see what you create!

guidelines + materials

AGE: 6+

TIME FRAME: 1 hour


  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • 2 paper straws
  • Plastic bottle caps (optional)
  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Play-Doh (optional)
  • Box cutter (optional)
  • Hole puncher

diy: cox high speed racer

Learn how to make your own Cox High Speed Racer at home!


1. Punch 2 holes directly across from each other on both sides of the toilet paper roll. You will have 4 holes in total, 2 on each side of the roll.

2. Using a marker, trace around the plastic bottle cap onto the cardboard for your wheels!

3. Cut out your wheels! You can use scissors or grab an adult to help you cut out your wheels using a box cutter.

4. Slide the paper straws through two holes at a time to create your racer’s axles. Trim to your perfect size.

5. Hole punch the center of your 4 cardboard wheels and slide onto your racer’s paper straw axles.

6. Roll out the Play-Doh and wrap around the straws to secure the wheels in place (optional).

7. Decorate and race when you’re done!

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