Meet SWISH PROJECTS, our 2023 Artists in Residence.

Some days it may seem like the kids have taken over the Museum. It’s all by design, thanks to Artists in Residence SWISH PROJECTS.

SWISH PROJECTS is The New Children’s Museum 2023 Artists in Residence. For their TKRTP Project, short for “The kids run this place,” the trio of local creatives are launching a year-long project using video, photography, artmaking and more to document and celebrate the Museum community and enhance a sense of belonging. The TKRTP Project gallery installation features a New Children’s Museum Portrait Project. The SWISH team has photographed 30 members of the Museum community ranging from staff and board to community partners, members, educators and of course, the kids. In addition to the portrait project, there will be a rotating display of youth artwork over the course of the year representing different portraits of the museum, from the kid’s perspective that is.

SWISH PROJECTS is the creative studio of Edwin Negado, John Itiola, and Julian Klincewicz. Based in Los Angeles and San Diego, the collaborative trio works across a range of mediums and practices, including Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Film, Photography, Copywriting, Design, and Experiential Marketing.