an imaginary and colorful world

El Más Allá will transport visitors to a world that is beyond what we currently know.

During a time of great global crisis, many of us seek a world that is more loving, fair and generous, particularly for our children. This is what challenged and focused Panca throughout her 2020 Mass Creativity artist residency at the Museum:

How might she create an environment that generates both healing and action for our community? How might art help children process the challenges we are facing?

The installation she will create as a result of her residency and work with the community is El Más Allá, a colorful, immersive environment that will help us process current events and generate action moving forward. The installation is slated to open summer 2021 on the Museum’s Lower Level.

El Más Allá will feature:

Creative Imaginary Characters

These characters are designed and developed to help children work through emotions and collaborate with each other. Panca's character Maslow is a pyramid-shaped creature based on psychologist Abraham Maslow’s well-known hierarchy of needs.

Colorful 20-Foot Murals

These murals will illustrate the world of El Más Allá to make participants feel they have been teleported to another place.

Inventive Experiences

Pod sculptures and a monumental slide will provide unique experiences to connect with each other in new ways.

Who Made This?

1986, Chula Vista, California
lives in
Tijuana, Mexico

Panca, aka Paola Villaseñor, is an international artist known for her playful street art, which has appeared everywhere from walls in Mexico City to the galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. As a child, Panca visited The New Children’s Museum and recalls painting the outdoor truck, which was one of her first experiences with painting something on a large scale. This left a big impression on her and has inspired her artwork today. Her mural SMILE, currently adorns the Museum’s entry bridge, welcoming visitors with bright colors and playful smiles.

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