an imaginary and colorful world

El Más Allá transports visitors to a world that is beyond what we currently know.

El Más Allá is an immersive experience that will take you to a world beyond anything you’ve seen before! Expanding throughout the Museum’s lower level, this colorful and imaginary world includes a giant 40-foot slide, vibrant, wall-length murals featuring unique characters, foam blocks and geometric sculptures. By interacting with this unknown world “of the beyond,” children will learn to challenge themselves, as well as connect and collaborate with each other in new and inventive ways.

Slide Rules: Must be 4 years old or 40″ or taller to slide. One person at a time.

Five primary characters live in the world of El Más Allá and represent different human emotions and personalities. Learn about them all below!


Maslow is a triangle-shaped character who is wise and kind. His name and shape are inspired by psychologist Abraham Maslow and his theory of the hierarchy of needs. Illustration inspired by @crazyheadcomics


Pinky is a multi-faceted character that can change shape depending on his mood. Often times he is creative and anxious.


Mimo takes the shape of a cloud, representing the dual nature of our emotions. His raindrops could be interpreted as tears of joy or sadness.

Chelo + BuBu

Chelo, short for Consuelo, is a unicorn-like creature. She has a pet balloon named BuBu that follows her around and represents friendship.

Who Made This?

1986, Chula Vista, California
lives in
Tijuana, Mexico

Panca, aka Paola Villaseñor, is an international artist known for her playful street art, which has appeared everywhere from walls in Mexico City to the galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. As a child, Panca visited The New Children’s Museum and recalls painting the outdoor truck, which was one of her first experiences with painting something on a large scale. This left a big impression on her and has inspired her artwork today. Her mural SMILE, currently adorns the Museum’s entry bridge, welcoming visitors with bright colors and playful smiles.

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