A hanging sculptural mass of wires, feathers and chords

Each Community Link is an intricate creation that reflects collaboration between generations, families and community members.

The Community Links project is the culmination of two workshops inspired by the partnership between Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood, a program of South Bay Community Services, and The New Children’s Museum. At the workshops hosted at Loma Verde Elementary and Castle Park Elementary, families worked together to construct a hanging sculptural mass of wires, tape, chimes, feathers and chords that we’ve affectionately named Community Links. The open-ended format of the workshop, in conjunction with unconventional materials, allowed families to creatively express and build structures that captured the imagination. From February through May, workshop participants will have an opportunity to view their wire sculptures hanging delicately above the Museum’s main level and visitors to the Museum will get to experience them for the first time.

These workshops were funded in part by the two-year Institute of Museum and Library Services grant, Comunidad. This project was also made possible in part by a grant through the City of Chula Vista Performing and Visual Arts Grant.

Who Made This?

Each Community Link was made by families from South Bay Community Services who participated in the workshops.

The Museum Creative Team who helped develop this project includes: Astrid Alvarado Leon, Jessica McPeak, Paul Holbach and Zachery Abramson

Thank you to our sponsors