may member spotlight: Nick Borrelli

This month, we’re excited to introduce Nick Borrelli and his family! The Borrelli family have been members of the Museum for two years. Nick was born in New Orleans and served as an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps. When they’re not exploring the Museum, the Borelli’s stay busy exploring the rest of San Diego. Nick recently acted in a play at the La Jolla Playhouse and is pursuing a lifelong passion for singing!

Tell us about yourself!

Nick: We are the Borrelli’s out of funky Leucadia, Calif. I am a social worker and photographer, and I currently work as an operations manager for Bing Surfboards, which gives me the uniquely blessed opportunity to work in a field I am extremely passionate about. My lovely wife, Agatha, is a creative director, producer, photographer and overall superwoman. Our twins, West and Eva, were born in Encinitas and are three years old. We love the beach, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, music and art. We also have a passion for food, creativity and making the world a better place.

What brought you to the Museum?

N: Its charm, magic and wonder. The Museum is an incredible venue for creative growth and beauty. We love bringing the twins here to play and explore. Whether it’s with us, our wonderful nanny, Danielle, or our family members, the Museum provides a unique opportunity to expose our children to the magic potential of their imagination…and simultaneously release their wiggles!

What’s been your favorite experience at the Museum so far?

N: Using our membership benefits to bring friends and family along to share in the magic is my favorite Museum perk! On our last visit, I brought my grandfather’s camera with me and was able to capture some really fun moments of the children with my father and their friends. That was an incredibly special experience for me on so many levels.


The Museum embraces military families and strives to provide an affordable, enriching place for them to feel appreciated and at home. In addition to discounted $10 admission all year long, the Museum participates in Blue Star Museums, which provides free admission between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. Our military effort is sponsored in part by U.S. Bank.

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