february member spotlight: kim belverud

Meet Kim Belverud and her family, our featured members for February! Kim and her husband have a 7-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. They left the East Coast and moved to San Diego when their son was 4 months old and have loved California ever since. As a family who appreciates nature, they fully enjoy soaking up San Diego’s sunny weather year-round. The family is full of creative energy and loves making art.

What brought you to the Museum?

Kim: After our first visit to the Museum, the kids loved it so much that we knew we would be back often, so a membership was an easy choice. My kids were 4 and 2 at the time of our first visit and they loved playing around in Wobbleland. They are tactile learners and love learning with their hands. As parents, we loved the variety of the art installations and how often new ones are introduced. We also loved the different activities and programs the Museum offers.

What has been your favorite experience at the Museum so far?

K: We’ve had so many fun experiences! We absolutely love The Wonder Sound. The kids loved discovering the spoon room and crawling all over the structure. That was their favorite installation for a long time, but now they also enjoy Sketch Aquarium and No Rules… Except. As a family, we really enjoy Pajama Jam. We’ve done a few after-hours events like that, and it’s always been a lot of fun!

Any fun facts about yourself?

K: I’m a family photographer and I’m drawn to capturing kids in their element, having fun while also learning about the world around us. I love that this Museum gives them that opportunity to combine play and learning. I’ve always loved the open space of the Museum, and as a photographer, it’s a beautiful place to take photos. I’ve enjoyed photographing my kids having fun in it.


We offer a number of after-hours events that are fun for the whole family! Visit our website to learn more about Pajama Jam and other ticketed events we host. Are you a member and interested in being featured in our next Member Spotlight? Fill out our online questionnaire.

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