December Member Spotlight: Nada Abdulhadi

Meet this month’s Member Spotlight! Nada and her family have been members for a year and a half. The family includes Nada, her husband, and her daughters, Salma (4 years old) and Basma (3 years old). Nada and her husband are originally from Lebanon, but moved to San Diego for school. Salma and Basma were born in San Diego and are currently in preschool.

What brought you to the Museum?

Nada: It’s a happy place for children of all ages. The variety of activities and areas of play make it interesting and appealing for hours. I always look for places where my daughters can learn and yet have fun and play, which are essential for their emotional well-being. We also held two of my daughters’ birthdays at the Museum, which was an amazing experience for my girls and their friends.

What’s been your favorite experience at the Museum so far?

N: The birthday parties are perfection! The food from Bean Sprouts Cafe is always delicious and fresh. My girls love No Rules… Except where they can jump to their hearts’ content in a safe environment without risking bumping their heads. They also enjoy Sketch Aquarium where they see their work floating on the wall. It’s so rewarding to them to see their fish up there! Climbing The Wonder Sound on the second floor is another favorite.


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