Mass Creativity spreads our mission of stimulating children’s imaginations and critical thinking skills to communities that might otherwise not be able to experience this.

Art-making and creativity are synonymous with The New Children’s Museum. Our mission is to spark children’s imaginations, help them develop critical thinking skills and learn to collaborate with others. Our signature Mass Creativity Program, now in its 5th year, brings our unique approach to children and families throughout the county.  Through complimentary workshops held in diverse communities in May and June, we brought art-making and creative opportunities to children and families who might not otherwise be able to experience it.

This year’s Mass Creativity program celebrates diversity through the theme: Share Your Story. “We wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone in the community,” said Teaching Artist Mayra Chavez. “The theme was inspired by stories  – both real and imagined. We wanted to allow creative expression and hear the stories the community has to tell.”
The theme was realized through several different art activities  Through a workshop activity entitled “story tiles,” children and adults were able to express their stories through sketching and water colors. The tiles created throughout the county at the various workshops  will be woven together to make a house to uniquely tell our collective story. Other activities included sharing what “community means to you” by drawing, coloring and painting on large curtains that served as canvases.

You won’t want to miss the big event on June 24!
Mass Creativity Day brings together the art-making activities, the community centers participants and people from all over the county. At this FREE event held in the Museum and in the park across the street, families will enjoy art and exploratory play experiences as they watch their artwork come together with the projects initiated at the Mass Creativity workshops. This one of a kind event encourages children and families from all over San Diego to join as one community and celebrate art and creativity.

Saturday June 24 | 10:00am – 3:00pm

FREE at The New Children’s Museum

Limited parking

Mass Creativity 2017 Sponsors

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