“It is a joy to see children singing, dancing, playing instruments, and spending quality time with their family.” – Diana Davidson

An Interview with Little Maestros Instructor Diana Davidson

It’s that time of year again! Our Little Maestros classes, part of our Little Learners Club, will begin on October 8. This 4-week program is perfect for littles ages 18 months up to three years old. We’re thrilled to have Diana Davidson leading the class!

Diana has worked with children for over 25 years and is a mom to two singing and dancing songbirds. She is also the founder and teaching director of Songbirds Music! With locations in Liberty Station and North Park, Songbirds Music is proud to offer movement and music classes to little ones. Families and friends with kids five years old and younger can come here to sing, dance, learn and play together! This is Diana’s third season leading Little Maestros at the Museum, so we asked her a few questions about her love for early music education.

Why do you think early music education is so important for children?

Diana: Music learning supports all learning. While music education can help a child keep a beat and sing in tune, it has many benefits beyond just musical ones. Music learning also supports language development and emergent literacy, social and emotional development, cognitive knowledge, and physical and motor development. Music is accessible at any age and every stage. It is never too early to start music—just like it is never too early to start talking to your child. Children learn through play. Since early music education is play-based, they can learn a great deal about the world around them through play. Early music education also allows families to connect with one another and it can help deepen the bond between a parent/caregiver and their baby or toddler.

What inspired you to start Songbirds Music?

D: Music and dance have always been an important part of life. As a bilingual elementary school teacher, I always used music in my classroom to either teach or reinforce concepts, to expose my students to different types of music, and to create a happy and enjoyable working and learning environment. Regardless of background, ability (both academic and social), or age, we can all connect through music. When I became a parent, I knew I wanted to keep teaching and do something with music while still having the flexibility to raise my own children. Songbirds Music allows me to do all of that!

What do you enjoy most about leading Little Maestros?

D: I love meeting new families who value art, learning, and connecting with each other. It is a joy to see children singing, dancing, playing instruments, and spending quality time with their family. The New Children’s Museum is such a welcoming space. It is an ideal setting for music class and family fun.

Be sure to join us at the museum for all the fun! Classes take place on October 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 9:30-10:30am. Each Little Maestros class includes specialized music classes for littles with fun activities such as music, sensory sound, introduction to instruments and more. Our Little Maestro attendees will also receive all-day access to the Museum. Register today!

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