do it yourself: finger weaving

Make a woven creation only using yarn and your fingers! This DIY project is inspired by our sensory-friendly installation Breathing Room by artist Michelle Montjoy, and the Community Looms workshop in The Rosso Family Foundation Innovators LAB sponsored by the ResMed Foundation. While doing this finger weaving project, think about the rhythmic up and down movements of the woven ceiling sculptures in the Breathing Room that reminds us to slow down and focus on our breath – similar to the repetitive in and out movement of weaving.

guidelines + materials

AGE: 6+ (with adult support)

TIMEFRAME: 20 minutes


  • Yarn
  • Scissors


  • Weave: To form by lacing strands of material
  • Loom: The device used to hold your weave (in this case, your hand)
  • Working End: The string attached to the ball of yarn
  • Dominant Hand: The hand you write with
  • Non-Dominate Hand: The hand you DO NOT write with


1. Set up your weave. Hold the end piece of the yarn between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand (if you are right-handed, set up the weave on your left hand and vice versa). Be sure to leave a small tail at the end.

2. Start your weave using the under, over pattern. With your palm facing you, take the “working end” of the yarn and weave it under your index finger, over your middle finger, under your ring finger and over your pinky finger.

3. Repeat to complete your loom. Loop the yarn around and under your pinky, over your ring finger, under your middle finger and over your index finger.

4. Your hand loom is now prepared! Drape the “working end” of the yarn over your finger and above the loom.

5. Begin weaving. Starting with your index finger, take the bottom loop of yarn and pull it up and over your finger, leaving one loop of yarn remaining on your finger. Repeat this process with the remaining three fingers. The bottom loops should now be on the backside of your hand with one layer of yarn visible from the front of your loom.

6. Reposition yarn. If your yarn is at risk of falling off your fingers, be sure to reposition it by pressing the yarn down with your dominant hand back closer to your palm on your hand loom.

7. Continue weaving! Repeat steps 4 – 6 until you have reached your desired length of finger woven rope.

8. Finish your weave. When you’ve reached the desired length, cut the yarn from the “working end” and weave the end through each finger hole as you take it off your hand. Once you’ve gotten to the last finger be sure to pull tight and this will finish off your finger weaving!


  • Keep it loose! You don’t want it to be too tight pulling on your fingers.
  • To check on the woven end of your weave, gently tug to make out the shape.

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