Think back to a time when you jumped on the bed as a child. Remember the joy and exhilaration of jumping high and the weightlessness you felt while airborne? Now imagine a whole room lined with mattresses, accompanied by full permission to bounce to your heart’s content.

This is No Rules….Except an interactive art installation that you can help bring back to the Museum.

Please join us in making a tax-deductible contribution toward this extraordinary installation.

Help us commemorate our 35th creativity-filled year in San Diego, and 10 years as The New Children’s Museum. Together, we can continue to make a profound and enduring difference that will spark the imaginations of children and families throughout San Diego and beyond!

Donate $100 by April 30th to be acknowledged on the installation signage and invited to attend our exclusive Birthday Celebration and Ribbon Cutting with artist Brian Dick!


Temporary Closure as of 3/16

The Museum is temporarily closed. Click here for information about our closure and cancellations.