Our Museum hosts facilitated toddler programming every Friday morning beginning at 10am, made possible by the generous support of ScholarShare 529. Our toddler program values the whole child and supports healthy bodies and minds, with music, movement and social play for young children.

Our Toddler Time is free with admission.

Scholarshare 529 Toddler Time Programs

STORY TIME Gather around to hear some of your favorite childhood stories. Story Time is an enriching and engaging experience that allows your child to hear stories from our Museum staff. This isn’t your typical story circle, however. The New Children’s Museum brings stories to life by enhancing the experience with puppet shows, skits and much more.

SOUND + COLOR Sing and dance as we learn about the colors in the world around us. Little ones have the opportunity to explore their senses through theatrical and interactive play.

MAKE FRIENDS  Make Friends gives your little ones the opportunity to play and interact with others as they enjoy music, singing and dancing. This unique experience teaches children the value of community, friendship and social play while also supporting self-expression in a musical environment.

FINGER PAINTING Make messy art-making fun by joining us every month for finger painting! Finger painting is an immersive art experience that allows children to be completely creative with their work. Better yet, caregivers don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess!

Upcoming Scholarshare 529 Toddler Times

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Thank you to our Toddler Time Sponsor