Pioneer Camps

Adventure is upon you! Explore fun activities from art making to dancing to cooking, paired with fun trips to the Museum’s galleries where campers will be able to enjoy and play in the installations.

Our Pioneer level camps are designed specifically for children in grades 1-3. Pioneer camps are held 9am-4pm.


member pricing

One week (5 days) camp: $280
4-day week price*: $224

non-member pricing

One week (5 days) camp: $315
4-day week price*: $252

*Only available during weeks with 4 days of camp due to a holiday or Museum closure. There’s no camp on the Fourth of July or the week of July 16-20 (due to Comic-Con)!

Extended Care is available for all ages every week of summer.

Early Care: 8-9am $45/week

After Care: 4-5pm $45/week

Registrants can sign up for a single day of extended care if needed, please contact Education team at to make arrangements. 

2018 programming: pioneer camps

June 11 – 15 | Lights, Camera, Action! | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Maria Sales
Create your own short film to share with family and friends! Design a storyboard and script, practice basic acting skills and figure out just what it takes to make a movie from start to finish.

June 18 – 22 | Art Lab | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Jaimie McKay
Experiment with your creativity! Explore nature and the world through art and observation activities and discover your unique point of view by learning how to follow your own instincts.

June 18 – 22 | Board Game Bonanza | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Zak Abramson
Ready, set, roll! Explore the wide world of board games, active games and more using your mind and muscles and learn to strategize and work with others to build your own game from scratch.

June 25 – June 29 | Breakin’ It Down | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Joseph “Mr. Dyno” Corrales
Callin’ all B-Boys and B-Girls! Get breakin’ and learn all about toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes in this dance-packed camp. The focus will be on dance, music, culture, and RESPECT!

June 25 – June 29 | Making a Mural | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Isabel Halpern
Learn to work BIG! Join the creative community and discover the many steps taken to create magnificent, monumental-sized drawings and paintings to be put on display at the Museum.

July 2, 3, 5, & 6 (No class Wednesday, July 4) | Ceramics Studio | SOLD OUT!

Artist: Chelsea Smith
Bend it, squish it, shape it! Play with clay and learn a variety of ceramic techniques and hand building methods to create unique works of art to share and take home at the end of the week.

July 9 – 13 | Fantasy Camp | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Albert Songalia
Calling all wizards, knights, and goblins! Join the Art-Venture and work together to design and build your fantasy world complete with forts and costumes to play with and explore.

July 9 – 13 | Character Design | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Paul Holbach
Invent a character and tell their story! Learn how to draw a unique character and then bring them to life in new and different ways using drawing, paint, clay, fiber arts and more.

July 23 – 27 | Recycled Beats | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Quentin Giglio
Rock out on a trashcan! Learn how to use your body as an instrument and to drum different beats on everyday household objects, such as pots and pans, buckets, barrels and more.

July 23 – 27 | Printmakers Studio | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Mayra Chavez
Explore the many ways to print! Use found objects, woodblocks, silk screens and more and create new images to print on both paper and fabric working on your own and with the class.

July 30 – Aug 3  | Kids Cook! | SOLD OUT!

Artist: Maria Sales
Join fellow chefs in the kitchen and learn to make simple, tasty recipes together! Create your own apron, design your own packaging, and set up a restaurant for friends and family to enjoy.

August 6 – 10 | Cover to Cover | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Elizabeth Wepsic
Everyone is unique! Use your individual ideas, words, and expressive art materials like pen and ink, photography and collage to construct an original book that you write, illustrate and design

August 13 – 17  | Fiber Art Fun | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Chelsea Smith
Make fiber-filled works of art that you can use! Try fun methods of fiber art like sewing, fabric dyeing, macramé and more and express your creativity through this soft and flexible art form.

August 13 – 17  | Space Adventure | SOLD OUT!
Artist: Troy Guard and Jaimie McKay
Join the space crew and help make up the mission! Work as a creative team to design your story, build cardboard constructions, invent new games and create together on the spot.