Camps for Littles

Camps for Littles are designed for children ages 4 and up in preschool or kindergarten. These camps offer a variety of themes that encourage imagination and self-confidence through art experiences and more! Our Museum is happy to present flexible options for some of our littlest campers with each camp week. Choose from three different program times: Art in the AM (9am-12pm), Afternoon Adventure (1-4pm) and Full Day of Fun (9am-4pm).

Stay tuned for 2018 programming!


member pricing

One week (5 days)*

Art in the AM (9am-12pm): $150

Afternoon Adventure (1-4pm): $150

Full Day of Fun (9am-4pm): $280

non-member pricing

One week (5 days)*

Art in the AM (9am-12pm): $165

Afternoon Adventure (1-4pm): $165

Full Day of Fun (9am-4pm): $315

Extended Care is available for all ages, every week of summer.

Early Care: 8-9am $45/week

After Care: 4-5pm $45/week

Registrants can sign up for a single day of extended care if needed, please contact Education team at to make arrangements. 

2017 programming: camps for littles

June 12 – 16 | Story Summer: Book Inspired Activities

Artist: Brooke Benedix

Think, play and create inspired by our favorite books! Throughout the week, explore fun stories through movement exercises, art projects and active adventures in and around the Museum.

June 19 – 23 | Let’s Go Wild: Animal Art**

Artist: Gina Mirtallo & Brooke Benedix

Discover your inner ROAR! Go on an animal hunt together in the Museum and learn how to make creature-inspired paintings, sculptures, masks and more.

June 26-30 | Creation Station: Art Making Lab

Artist: Gina Mirtallo & Gabrielle Romberger

Try something new! Experiment with painting, sculpture, clay and weaving while learning all about the elements of art. Drip, doodle and dab your way to wonderful works to share.

July 3, 5-7 | Whoosh, Zap, Shazam!: Superhero Training**

Artist: Gina Mirtallo & Troy Guard

Calling all future superheroes! Make your own costume, discover your super powers, prepare power-filled, nutritious snacks and more.

July 10-14 | Play Cafe: Kids Cooking Camp**

Artist: Shelly Gabriel

Join other junior chefs in the kitchen and learn to make simple, tasty recipes together! Create your own apron, design your own packaging and set up your play cafe for friends and family.

July 24-28 | Into the Woods: Camping at the Museum**

Artist: Gina Mirtallo

Reconnect with nature and learn new life skills! Pitch a tent  indoors, navigate the Museum and make art and snacks inspired by the great outdoors.

July 31-August 4 | Beep, Bop, Boom!: Music and Movement**

Artist: Paul Holbach & Gabrielle Romberger

Sing songs, move beats and explore the different ways to make and play musical instruments. Celebrate the week with a fun performance at the end.

August 7-11 | Five Senses of Fun: Sensory Art**

Artist: Maria Sales

Investigate your world! Explore flavors, smells, sights and sounds while building new skills and friendship through activities explored in the classroom and the kitchen.

August 14-18 | Locally Grown: Adventures in the Garden**

Artist: Amber Johnson & Cassie White

Discover what it takes to make a garden grow! Create nature-inspired art, plant something new together and learn to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes using items from the garden.

August 21-25 | Community Helpers: Art for Others

Artist: Brittany Dumas & Mayra Chavez

How can you help others? Explore ways to make art together and share it with your community while having fun, singing songs and experiencing the great things that come from giving back.

**The following camps are sold out for Art in the AM and Full Day of Fun sessions. Space is still available in the Afternoon Adventure session.