What is Accessibility Mornings?

Accessibility Mornings is a quarterly event that gives children with disabilities and their families exclusive access to explore the Museum with comfort and safety before it opens to the general public (and then stay for the day if desired). The Museum’s interactive art installations vary from high-sensory activities to designated sensory-break zones that provide a range of experiences for children with disabilities and their families to enjoy.

Virtual Accessibility Mornings Resources

Due to the Museum’s closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, Accessibility Mornings 2020 events have been cancelled or postponed for the time being. In its place, we are collecting online art resources and virtual arts programming from partner organizations for our Accessibility Mornings families to access here.

Masks, Face Shields and Gloves, Oh My!

A story about how kids might see different people wearing masks, face shields and gloves by the Autism Little Learners blog.
Read the story here.

Read Along with Words Alive

Amanda Bonds from Words Alive reads “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” by Priscilla Buris. Read along and learn how to count! Watch video here.

Painting Self-Portraits
with Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson is an artist, speaker and author who has autism. Watch his tutorial on how to draw and paint a self-portrait! Watch video here.